What Does It Cost To Clean A Heat Pump And Mini Split In Boise Metro?

A HydroKleen208 visit costs $384 to deep clean a heat pump and one indoor unit. Additional indoor units cost $117 each. We eradicate microbial contaminants in heat pump systems, and our cleaning solutions are 100-percent environmentally safe.

What Does It Cost To Clean A Heat Pump And Mini Split In Boise Metro?Getting a heat pump deep-clean every year or so is more important than you may realize! Especially with a mini split system. It’s an additional service you should consider along with your routine maintenance. 

And, it’s well worth the time and effort. 

While the air handlers in your home do a fantastic job of keeping you comfortable, they also are breeding grounds for mold and other microbial contaminants. 

In the worst situations, they’ve led to cases of toxic mold syndrome. Or, people with allergies, asthma, or COPD experience flare-ups.

That’s because all the nasty stuff building up inside your air handlers circulates through the air in your home!

Aside from the health concerns, you’ll also notice dips in your system’s performance — and increases in your electric bill. 

These problems crop up when the air handlers are clogged and can’t move air around as well. Then, your heat pump works harder to maintain the temperature you want. That means it uses more electricity, leading to higher bills. 

These issues have made for some rude awakenings for homeowners in Boise Metro and Valley County. It seemed like their excellent new heat pump systems were too good to be true. 

And yes, mold and other buildup in mini splits is a serious problem. But the good news is that the solution is fast and easy. 

HydroKleen’s deep cleaning process is designed specifically for these kinds of systems. Our equipment gets into every nook and cranny of your heat pump and air handlers to wipe out every trace of mold or other microbial contaminants.  

The process is fast, easy, and we always leave your house just as clean as we found it. Plus, our cleaning solutions are 100-percent safe for the environment! You never have to worry about bringing nasty chemicals into your home — or about us dumping anything like that in the water.

In this article, you’ll learn much more about our process, why it works so well, and why it’s so important for your home, health, and indoor air quality. If you have any questions, or you’re ready to set an appointment, click here or call us at (208) 779-5596.

Heat Pump System Deep Cleaning Vs. Routine Maintenance

A heat pump deep clean doesn’t replace routine maintenance. Those annual tune-ups from an HVAC professional keep the machines running well. But, even the best HVAC tech can’t clean out all the dirt, dust, and organic buildup inside an air handler.

The parts are small and delicate, so they risk breaking something. The tech would also have to disassemble the entire unit to get everything.

That would take hours and cost you a small fortune. Even then, there’s no guarantee.

And you don’t want even a little bit of mold in there! It won’t take long for it to cultivate again in a dark, damp, and warm place like that. Before you know it, your system will be spreading mold spores through the air in your home again.

A deep-cleaning addresses all these challenges.

How Mini Split Deep-Cleaning Works

What Does It Cost To Clean A Heat Pump And Mini Split In Boise Metro?The HydroKleen mini split deep cleaning process looks simple, but don’t let that fool you: There’s well over a decade of research and development behind it!

We start by opening the panel in the air handler and taking out the filter. We wipe down the inside of the casing and attach a catchment bag right under the unit.

Then, we use a power washer with a specialized nozzle to reach past what you can see to hit every inch of the unit. The pressure is finely calibrated to do the job without damaging anything.

While that’s drying, we’ll take the filters outside and wash those along with the heat pump. The entire process usually takes about an hour, and we’re always careful to leave your home just like we found it.

Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Your Heat Pump

Is the deep cleaning worth it? We think so, and so do our customers! They feel the difference in their home as soon as we’re done. The cleaning provides:

  1. Better Indoor Air Quality
  2. Better Comfort
  3. Lower Energy Bills

Better Indoor Air Quality

A clean heat pump system circulates cleaner air throughout your home. Whatever’s building up inside the air handler spreads through the air.

That can result in some minor discomfort, like allergy symptoms acting up because there’s a lot of dust flying around. Or, the worst-case scenario: Toxic mold syndrome, brought on from exposure to mold spores all the time.

Better Comfort

A clean system works better! With nothing gumming up the works in your heat pump, the moving parts inside it do a better job of moving heat around. That means cooler summer days and warmer winter nights.

Lower Energy Bills

Heat pumps and mini splits are popular in large part because they use much less energy than conventional heating and cooling. But, the dirty (literally) secret is: They lose a lot of their efficiency without regular cleaning.

We mentioned how a clean system performs better. Well, it also requires much less energy to do the job.

An annual deep cleaning is one of the best ways to get your system working as efficiently as it did the day you installed it.

Heat Pump Cleaning In Boise, ID

HydroKleen208 offers the most effective mini split and heat pump cleaning in Boise, ID, and Treasure Valley. We designed our tools, process, and cleaners specifically for heat pumps and air handlers. You’ll feel the difference immediately! Click below to schedule an appointment, or call us at (208) 779-5596.