Jose Aguilar has installed and serviced ductless mini-split heat pumps in thousands of Metro Boise-area homes over the last 15 years and he has seen, first-hand, the level of contamination these systems can build up after only a few years of operation.

“When I saw the HydroKleen system, I knew right away that this was something my customers would benefit from.”, Jose explains. “We can return any ductless mini-split to factory-clean condition with just one HydroKleen wash!”

HydroKleen208 is the first company in the United States dedicated to offering this innovative and effective service to ductless mini-split owners.


HydroKleen 208
HydroKleen Before and After

Get your ductless mini-split air handlers returned to factory-clean condition with a HydroKleen wet washing. Ask about our annual cleaning plan to save on future HydroKleenings.