How Often Should A Mini Split Be Cleaned?

How Often Should A Mini Split Be Cleaned? | HydroKleen208Ideally, you should have your mini split system serviced and deep-cleaned annually. While most companies will clean your system during routine maintenance, it doesn’t take the place of deep cleaning that will get rid of mold and microbial contamination.

Mini splits are more popular than ever today because they make your home feel great and they don’t use a lot of energy. That makes them a considerable improvement over central air, which often leaves some rooms warmer than others.

And, they’re way better than energy-guzzling window units or portable ACs.

But, they do require more attention than conventional units. For most homeowners, it’s a small tradeoff for excellent comfort and lower energy bills.

Today, most homeowners already know to change or clean filters and get a tune-up. But, mini splits also require deep cleaning.

That’s because it’s very easy for mold and other microbial contaminants to build up inside the air handlers and even on the heat pump outside.

The result? Lousy air quality that makes you feel crummy and triggers asthma, allergy, and COPD symptoms. Hot and cold spots in your home because the system can’t work as well.

And higher electric bills as your ductless system tries to work despite being gummed up.

But, the solution is simple! With Hydrokleen, a quick cleaning once a year gives you the peace of mind that your home is comfortable and your air is healthy.


 We use tools and cleaning solutions that are custom-made to quickly and thoroughly clean your air handlers and heat pump. Everything, from the sprayers to the catchment bags and the floor coverings we use, was carefully designed and improved over the years to clean your system entirely while keeping your home as neat as when we got there.

And, the cleaning agents we use are 100-percent environmentally friendly! We’re not bringing any nasty chemicals into your home or adding any pollutants to the air or water.

In this article, we’ll talk a little bit more about mini splits and mold, how long these systems can last, and how to keep them running as long as possible. 

Or, you can click below to learn more about our cleaning process. And, when you’re ready for us to get the system in your Boise Metro or Treasure Valley home running like new again, call us at (208) 779-5596.

Do Mini Splits Get Mold?

This Ductless Mini Split Has Gathered Mold

It’s very easy — and very common — for mini splits to get mold in them. Mold requires dark, damp, and warm places to grow. The inside of the air handlers meets all those requirements. And, it’s not easy to clean them thoroughly, even for most HVAC professionals.

The challenge comes with getting all the way inside the unit. During a tune-up or routine maintenance, a good HVAC tech cleans the filter, the inside and outside of the casing, and some of the fins.

But, those fins are very delicate, and there are grooves in between them. There’s also a lot of room for mold and microbial growth behind in other parts of the unit.

At best, a tech using regular cleaning tools would have to manually and carefully scrub each groove to remove buildup. It would take hours and cost you a bundle.

Even then, they can’t get to contaminants beyond that without taking apart the air handler. Which, of course, would mean a lot more time and money.

That’s where HydroKleen comes in.

Deep Cleaning A Mini Split

Since forming in 2008, HydroKleen has focused on just one thing: Deep-cleaning mini split systems to make them run great, use as little energy as possible, and help keep your indoor air quality at a safe, healthy level.

As a result, we’re able to do what conventional heating and cooling companies can’t.

We built and designed our equipment to quickly reach every nook and cranny in your air handlers and heat pump. And, our cleaning solution eradicates microbial growths, bacteria, mold, and more without using any dangerous chemicals.

Now, deep cleaning doesn’t take the place of regular maintenance. You should still clean your filter every two to four weeks. And get an annual tune-up. That heads off any mechanical issues and keeps your warranty valid. 

The last step is the deep clean. Depending on how dirty your system gets, you can get these annually or leave more time between appointments.

Following this routine keeps your system running for years to come!

How Long Should A Mini Split Last?

A mini split can last you 15 years or more with the proper care and maintenance. They can also last for a much shorter amount of time (even as little as a decade) without regular service.

That’s a big part of the reason why cleanings are so important. When your air handlers are clogged, the whole system must work harder to maintain the temperature you want. That means extra wear and tear on all the moving parts.

Without the proper care, you’ll start noticing hot and cold spots in your house. You’ll also need repairs more often. You’ll also pay more on your electric bill.

And, of course, you’ll start noticing those indoor air quality issues. The worst-case scenario is toxic mold syndrome. But, things don’t have to be that bad for you to start having allergy- or asthma-like symptoms.

Mini Split Cleaning In Kuna, ID

If you’ve had your heat pump system for more than a year, it’s time for a deep cleaning! HydroKleen208 offers the fastest, most comprehensive mini split cleaning for homes Kuna, ID, and as far north as McCall. Our carefully-designed tools and environmentally-friendly cleaners will make your home more healthy and comfortable in no time! Click below or call us at (208) 779-5596.