HydroKleen’s Cleaners And Process Are 100% Environmentally-Safe

HydroKleen’s Cleaners And Process Are 100% Environmentally-SafeIndoor air quality is one of the most common reasons people call HydroKleen for mini split cleaning. We know you’re concerned about the air you breathe and the water you drink. And that you care about your neighbors — and the environment at large — as well.

And, we designed our services with that in mind. The tools, processes, and cleaning agents we use for our mini split deep cleaning are 100-percent non-toxic and safe for the environment.

It’s part of our guarantee and commitment to your peace of mind.

This article talks about why we’re committed to being environmentally friendly and how we do it. If you still have questions when you’re done reading it, give us a call at (208) 779-5596. We’re happy to answer all your questions about keeping your home and community healthy and safe.

Why We’re Committed To Being Environmentally-Friendly

The biggest concern many of our customers have is indoor air quality. They call us because they’ve experienced symptoms of toxic mold syndrome. They’ve had asthma, COPD, or allergy flare-ups at home. Or, they’ve noticed that the air in their home doesn’t feel clean anymore.

We’re committed to helping them feel better. So, why would we add something harmful to our customers’ homes or environment?

Our commitment to your health extends well past your heating and cooling system. That’s why we never bring harmful chemicals into your home. Nor will our process spread any contaminants (chemical or organic) around your house. Or leave any behind.

Our Process Is Simple And Non-Invasive

How Often Should A Mini Split Be Cleaned? | HydroKleen208We spent more than a decade perfecting our process. From the start, we knew it was essential to remove all the contaminants and toxins building up in your air handlers without leaving any trace behind.

Our tools are specially made to reach between and behind the coils inside your air handler. This way, we can flush out every trace of dust, dirt, and organic contaminants. And, by using a liquid solution, we don’t “kick up” or spread anything through the air as we clean.

Finally, our catchment bags are custom-made to fit air handlers perfectly. They capture every drop of water that drains the unit during the cleaning. This way, we take everything harmful to your health out with us.


HydroKLeen’s Cleaners Are Non-Toxic And Safe

Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable, and 100-percent safe for the environment. We don’t bring any harmful chemicals into your home. And, we don’t dump anything toxic into the ground, sewers, or water.

The Cleaning Solutions In Your Home

HydroKleen’s liquid cleaning agent doesn’t need nasty chemicals to do the job. Instead, its primary purpose is to break down dirt, skin flakes, and other tiny particles. These objects are somewhat greasy and tend to stick to the parts inside your system.

We combine this with equipment that sprays the water-based solution at just the right pressure to clean the coils, barrel fans, and other components thoroughly. But, that pressure is not so strong that it damages any parts. Nor will it cause the spray or particles to escape the cleaning area.

The HydroKleen Waste Water Is Safe And Easy To Dispose OfNon-Toxic Waste Water Removal

We take every last drop of dirty water from the cleaning out of your home in our customized catchment bags. Since the agent is non-toxic and biodegradable, we can empty them into any drain. Nothing in them damages pipes or sewers or contaminates water.

Mini Split Cleaning In McCall, ID

HydroKleen208 guarantees the best mini split cleaning for your home in McCall, ID or anywhere in the Treasure Valley. And we do it without bringing toxic chemicals into your home or community. To learn more or make an appointment, call (208) 779-5596.