The HydroKleen Story: How (And Why) We Offer The Best Mini Split Cleanings

Regular Service Is The Best Way To Avoid RepairsLike any superhero, HydroKleen208 has an origin story!

Okay, maybe we’re not that amazing. But, talk to any homeowner who’s had us out for a cleaning. They’ll let you know about the tremendous impact we made on their home. 

As of early 2022, HydroKleen has cleaned more than 1.5 million mini splits in nearly 40 countries. 

Homeowners around the globe know our cleanings make their homes more comfortable, improve their indoor air quality, and even help reduce their electric bills. 

And that’s all with one quick visit. 

As mini splits become more popular in the United States, and especially in the Treasure Valley, HydroKleen208 is here to continue that tradition for families and businesses in Idaho.

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Still, you may be wondering who we are, exactly. And how we get to make these sorts of claims.

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this brief article, we’ll tell you about how our parent company, HydroKleen Global in Australia, recognized a critical need and developed the best tools and processes in the world to address it.

Keep reading to learn more. Or, click below or call us at (208) 205-9078 to ask questions or set an appointment.


What We Discovered About Mini Splits

Mini splits are catching on now in the U.S. But, they’ve been around much longer in other countries like Australia. That’s where John Sanders founded HydroKleen in 2009.

Sanders discovered that, for all the great benefits ductless systems offered, they developed problems as they got older. Their energy efficiency dropped significantly. And, respiratory issues, including toxic mold syndrome, were rising among people with mini splits.

Both problems stemmed from the same source: Dirty air handlers.

Microbial contamination built up inside these units even when homeowners had them serviced regularly and cleaned the filters each month. These measures weren’t enough to stop the inside from looking like this:

The Hydrokleen Story: Who Are And What Makes Us Special

Sanders and his partners set out to do two things: Raise awareness about the risks a dirty mini split can pose. And eliminate that risk one cleaning at a time.

Our Research And Development

The HydroKleen team has always made research and development the top priority. The team spent years designing pumps and equipment strong enough to clean even the dirtiest coils and barrel fans inside your air handler without breaking or bending any parts.

Next, they developed a comprehensive water catchment system. After all, a cleaning wouldn’t work if the techs left dirty water or residue in people’s homes and on their stuff.

But the most challenging aspect was the cleaning solution.

It took years to develop a non-hazardous cleaning agent that could eradicate microbial contamination without affecting people or their pets in their homes. Or the environment at large.

Today, the cleaning solution is 100-percent non-toxic and non-allergenic. And it exceeds the world’s strictest national guidelines for health and safety standards.

With all this in place, HydroKleen made a considerable impact in their native Australia. The next step was taking it across the world.

Our Licensing Model

The HydroKleen team knew quality control was crucial as they expanded. After all, they couldn’t be in every office and home across their world. But, their licensees could. And they needed to uphold the same standards as the original team.

With that in mind, HydroKleen created a robust business model to maintain those high standards anywhere in the world.

With hours of online video training modules and dozens of guides, strategies, and resources, HydroKleen ensures that anyone with their name, logo, van, or equipment lives up to the company’s very high standards.

That brings us all the way from Molendinar in Australia to the Treasure Valley here in Idaho.

Mini Split Cleaning In Caldwell, ID

HydroKleen208 brings more than a decade of experience and research and development to cleaning the mini splits in Caldwell, ID homes and businesses. We offer our 100-percent satisfaction-guaranteed service to Boise Metro and Valley County. Click below or call us at (208) 205-9078.