How Mold In Ductless Mini Splits Cause Biotoxin Illness

Biotoxin Illness, Mold, And Common Mini Split Problems In Boise, Idaho

Are you concerned about mold in your home? You should be. Many strains of mold can cause what’s called biotoxin illness. Or, more specifically, toxic mold syndrome. And, if you heat and cool your home with a ductless mini split, this problem is more likely than you realize.

Mini splits are fantastic in many ways: They use less energy than conventional HVAC setups. And, they can make your home way more comfortable.

But, the downside is that they’re a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can cause biotoxin illness.


How Mold In Ductless Mini Splits Cause Biotoxin IllnessEven if you keep your home spotless, it’s still a threat. And, it’s becoming more of a risk as ductless systems become more popular.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with biotoxin illness. If you’re not, we’ll explain more about it in a moment. And, if you already know about it, we’ll tell you about how you can prevent it in your home.

We’ll focus most on your mini split, of course. That’s our specialty. But we can also help you find more resources if you think there’s a bigger problem in your home. Homeowners, businesses, and property managers in Boise Metro or Valley County can start by giving us a call at (208) 779-5596.

We can schedule your first cleaning right away. Or, we can start by answering your questions.

What Is Biotoxin Illness?

Biotoxin illness is a general term for a host of problems stemming from exposure to any number of microbial contaminants, harmful biological organisms, or neurotoxins. Any time you’ve heard about Pontiac Fever or Legionnaires Disease, or Sick Building Syndrome, or even tetanus, you’ve heard about biotoxin illness.

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Toxic Mold Syndrome

When it comes to your mini split, the biggest threat is toxic mold syndrome. The inside of your air handlers are warm, dark, and moist — perfect for mold to grow. And when it does, those spores spread through the air, to other parts of the house, and into your lungs.

Now, we’ll note that toxic mold syndrome is a controversial diagnosis. You’ll find some sources saying it’s a myth or a misdiagnosis.

But, we know for sure that mold is a major asthma trigger. People with allergies are also sensitive to it. And, just about anyone can end up with a bad cough or wheezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, or even fever and shortness of breath

Call it what you like. The bottom line is that mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms build up inside your mini split. And, they’ll make you feel sick.

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Biotoxins, Mold, And Indoor Air Quality

Biotoxin exposure, particularly mold spores, can occur through airborne transmission: You breathe in the pollutants that make you sick. These illnesses are why indoor air quality is a huge issue today.

According to the CDC, Americans now spend around 90 percent of their day indoors. And recently, we’ve been spending even more of that time at home. The work-from-home revolution is in full swing, and plenty of parents opt to home-school their children here in Idaho.

Because of this, the air in your home needs to be cleaner than ever before.

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Mini Splits

Mini splits, or ductless HVAC systems, provide better, more “even” comfort than forced-air or baseboard heat. And they use way less energy than other systems.

But, they can be a nightmare for indoor air quality, even with their advanced filtration systems. The problems lurk deep inside the air handlers.

The inside of your wall-mounted unit is warm, dark, and moist — the exact conditions mold, bacteria, and other biotoxins need to grow. And, when the fans turn on, your system circulates all that nasty stuff throughout your home.

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Why Mini Split Cleaning Is Important (And Difficult)




The good news is that a deep cleaning virtually eradicates them. That’s easier said than done — and we’ll explain why in a moment — but it’s worth it for a few reasons.


Health Benefits

Eliminating biotoxins and microorganisms in your mini split prevents those contaminants from spreading through your home and into your lungs. That also goes for dust, dirt, pet dander, and other junk that builds upon the coils and behind the barrel fans.

Comfort And Efficiency

Clean heat pumps and air handlers function better. If you’ve noticed a rising electric bill or hot and cold spots in your home, a dirty mini split is often the culprit.

Cleaning Challenges

Until recently, the only way to really clean an air handler would be taking it apart and manually scrubbing each part. That includes carefully brushing between each fin on the coil.

Picture all the tiny grooves on the exterior of a conventional AC condenser outside a house. That’s what’s behind the panel on your wall-mounted unit. Now imagine scrubbing them one by one without bending any of them.

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This process would take all day, even for an experienced HVAC contractor. And, they’d have to charge for all that time. It’s too expensive of a job in that case.

Now, however, there’s a better way.

Why You Need A HydroKleen Cleaning

HydroKleen Global, our parent company, poured over a decade of research and development into a mini split deep cleaning that’s fast, effective, and safe.

The short version is that we essentially flush out every mold spore, bacterium, and speck of dust from inside the mini split using specialized equipment and a custom, non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning agent.

It’s all precisely calibrated to reach every nook and cranny with enough pressure to do the job without damaging anything. You can get a closer look in this video:

Heat Pump Cleaning In McCall, ID

Today, HydroKleen208 is the leader for heat pump cleaning in McCall, ID and down through Boise Metro. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your home immediately. And, if you’re not satisfied, you pay us nothing. Then, we pay one of our competitors to do your next cleaning. To learn more or schedule an appointment, click below or call us at (208) 779-5596.