Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Humidity plus airborne dirt create a fertile breeding ground inside your ductless mini-split for mold and other toxic microbes. HydroKleen will sanitize your air handlers.

Why HydroKleen?

Environmentally Friendly Process

Environmentally Friendly Process

Learn how HydroKleen was designed to respect our water system.

Microbial Contamination

Microbial Contamination

Learn how HydroKleen eliminates all microbial contamination from your mini-splits.

Lower My Energy Bill

Save Energy

See how HydroKleen can lower your power bill.

Schedule Your HydroKleen

Schedule My HydroKleen

Request your Hydrokleen service.

What’s in Your Ductless Mini-Split?

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

This is your contribution to the environment. It’s called SUSTAINABILITY! Regularly cleaned ductless and ducted air conditioning and heating systems will last a lot longer and have fewer emergency repairs needed than equipment that is rarely serviced*.  On average, equipment that is serviced regularly and properly maintained has a lifespan of 20-22 years*. Therefore you will help to reduce the unnecessary demand for refrigerants, metals, plastics, and other oil base related products, helping preserve natural resources worldwide.

Any heating and air conditioning contractor will tell you that a well-maintained heat pump will last longer and operate more efficiently than a neglected system. 

When you invest in an annual HydroKleen for your ductless mini-split heat pumps you can be assured that you are extending the useful life of your system by reducing the wear and tear on your internal components.


Amount of Time Americans spend indoors*


Child Health Negatively Impacted by Mold

HydroKleen Examples

Mini Split Deep Clean Solves Home Office Comfort Issues

Mini Split Deep Clean Solves Home Office Comfort Issues

Problem: The home office in a Boise, ID high-rise condo wasn’t as comfortable as it used to be. The condo owner was starting to feel sick after spending too much time there. The ductless system was twelve years old and was never cleaned. 

Solution: Performed a deep clean on the mini-split in the office. After that, the condo owner could breathe easier and felt way more comfortable, even for hours at a time.

Mini Split Deep Cleaning Solves Cooling & Air Quality Issues

Mini Split Deep Cleaning Solves Cooling & Air Quality Issues

Problem: Homeowners in Garden City, ID noticed their ductless mini split wasn’t working as well as it used to. They also began experiencing respiratory symptoms when they used the heat or AC.

Solution: We performed a deep cleaning on the indoor and outdoor mini-split units. The homeowners noticed an immediate difference. Their home was more comfortable, and they could breathe better.

HydroKleen Ductless Mini Split Boise ID (1)

HydroKleen Service in Boise, ID Improves Indoor Air Quality

Problem: Persistent respiratory problems had this Boise, ID family at the allergist on a monthly basis. A check of their indoor air quality revealed toxic amounts of mold spores.

Solution: In addition to installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator, we performed HydroKleen services on all three of their indoor air handlers which completely eliminated the presence of mold spores in their indoor air.

Have you had your ductless mini-splits deep cleaned already?

The patented HydroKleen system is designed to meet the unique challenges of thoroughly cleaning a ductless air handler.

From the innovative design of our low-pressure spray nozzle to the catchment bag, the HydroKleen system has been designed to leave your home and indoor air cleaner than when we arrived.

Your mini-splits haven’t truly been cleaned until they’ve been HydroKleened!

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HydroKleen208 Testimonials

Totally awesome! Very fortunate to have met Jose and his crew. Fast service, friendly and did such a thorough job! Call them and you will see how clean your AC can be!


“When we opened up one of our units, it convinced me to give Hydrokleen208 the job and the results are amazing. Hydrokleen208 is the only company that will touch my AC.!”


They did a great job! I had know idea when A/C units were cleaned or serviced so after it was completed by Sam and Mika they looked brand new. I ain’t gonna lie it was pricey but worth it.