Mini Split Cleaning Solves Cooling, Air Quality Issues: Garden City, ID

Garden City ID Ductless Mini Split Deep Cleaning Home

Problem: Homeowners in Garden City, ID noticed their ductless mini split wasn’t working as well as it used to. They also began experiencing respiratory symptoms when they used the heat or AC.

Solution: We performed a deep cleaning on the indoor and outdoor mini split units. The homeowners noticed an immediate difference. Their home was more comfortable, and they could breathe better.

Sometimes, the worst problems are the subtle ones. They creep up on you, and you don’t even realize something’s wrong until really bad. That was the case for our Garden City, ID homeowners. 

Three years ago, they installed a mini split in their bedroom — and loved it! Winter or summer, the temperature was always perfect when they went to bed at night, woke up in the morning, or even if they got up in the middle of the night. 

But, after two years, things seemed a little different. Soon, they figured out the problem: Their ductless system wasn’t maintaining the temperature as well anymore. 

What’s more, the room didn’t feel as “fresh” as it used to. The air was a little stale. And the wife’s allergies would act up as if it were pollen season. 

Our homeowners were worried that something was wrong with the mini split — and that it would be very expensive to fix. But, once they told us they’d never had it cleaned, we gave them some good news: A fast deep cleaning would likely take care of everything! 

In this case study, we’ll discuss:

  • Why Mini Splits Need Deep Cleaning
  • How Hydrokleen Works
  • Cleaning A Single-Zone Mini Split
  • More Benefits Of Deep Cleaning

If you’ve never had deep cleaning for your mini split, or you’ve noticed a dip in performance from your ductless system, call (208) 779-5596 or email us today. One quick appointment can make your system work like new again. 

Why Mini Splits Need Deep Cleaning

Along with regular maintenance, experts now recommend one deep cleaning for your mini split every year. Mold, bacteria, and other contaminants build up inside the air handlers. While routine tune-ups keep your system working, they don’t get rid of those pollutants deep inside the units. 

Sure, the tech will clean the air filter and blow out some dust. They’ll also clear off what they can reach, but that only leaves you with what amounts to a quick surface cleaning of whatever parts you can reach just by taking off the front cover. 

But, the bulk of the maintenance work involves the electrical components and moving parts. The cleaning is only a small part of what they do.

Meanwhile, mini splits are an excellent breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other airborne microbial contaminants. These require three things to thrive: darkness, moisture, and warmth. 

The inside of an air handler, we’re sorry to say, meets these conditions. And, those conditions exist deeper inside the unit than an HVAC tech can reach. 

It turns out that these infestations are a more significant problem than many people realized at first. More and more, we’re finding out that microbial buildup is the cause of many indoor air quality issues in businesses and commercial spaces with ductless heating and cooling. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

What Is Hydrokleen?

Simply put: Hydrokleen is the best and fastest way to get rid of dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, pet dander, tobacco smoke residue, and other contaminants that build up deep inside in your ductless mini split. 

It uses a tool that sprays water and a patented sanitizing solution into parts of your air handler and heat pump that you can’t otherwise reach without taking the units apart. 

Our tech takes the panels off the air handler and then sprays a hot-water-based solution on the plastic chassis (or outer cover) and then up through the barrel fans (the part inside that circulates the air). 

This way, the solution reaches deep inside the unit. Finally, they clean off the coils and drain pan. 

When the solution flushes back out, you’ll see that it’s gone from a clear liquid to a dirty brown or sometimes even black color. That’s all the gunk built up inside the system. It empties into a catchment bag that attaches to the bottom of the air handler. 

Outside, the tech cleans off the air handler casing and uses the solution to reach inside the heat pump as well. 

Where it would take a conventional HVAC tech an hour just to manually scrub out the barrel fans and casing, we can do this entire job in less than 60 minutes. 

Deep Cleaning A Single-Zone Mini Split

Deep-cleaning a single-zone mini split is already a quick and easy job. And, we’ve worked out small ways to make it go even faster without compromising the quality. 

We started by taking off the outer casings on the air handler to clean the inner components and coils. At first, we left half the coil untouched so the homeowners could see the difference. Then we finished cleaning the entire unit. 

Garden City ID Ductless Mini Split Deep Cleaning (1)

Outside, we cleaned the front panels and left them to dry. In the meantime, we took care of the heat pump. After that, we put the air handler back together and turned the system back on.

Our homeowners insisted they could feel the difference immediately! The husband mentioned that it felt cooler than it had all summer. And, his wife took a deep breath without feeling irritated.

More Benefits Of Deep Cleaning

Giving your mini split a serious clean works wonders for your indoor air quality. And, the benefits don’t stop there. You’ll also enjoy: 

  • Better Comfort 

  • A Longer-Lasting System

  • Better Energy Efficiency 

Better Comfort 

A clean ductless system will do a better job circulating warmed or cooled air throughout the building. Without all that stuff gumming up the works, the moving parts can work the way they were designed to. 

A Longer-Lasting System

Just like how regular oil changes for your car make the vehicle last longer, regular cleaning extends the life of your HVAC system. Keeping those inner parts clean means less wear and tear. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Finally, when everything’s working the way it should, your mini split requires less electricity to do the job. Heat pump HVAC systems are already super-efficient. But, a recently-cleaned unit can use up to 30 percent less power than one without proper maintenance.

If you’ve had your mini split for more than a year, now’s the time to get it cleaned! You’ll head off all sorts of problems. And, your home will feel more comfortable. Click below or call (208) 779-5596 to learn more. 

Ductless Mini Split Service in Garden City, ID

If you’ve had your mini split for more than a year, now’s the time to get it cleaned! You’ll head off all sorts of problems. And, your home will feel more comfortable. Click below or call (208) 779-5596 to learn more.