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HydroKleen: Your Best Investment For 2023

Due to supply chain problems and rising energy prices, HVAC maintenance is your best bet for profit and growth this year. That makes HydroKleen an excellent investment to grow your business.

Contractors nationwide are backlogging work until they can get the parts and equipment they need. In the meantime, they’re relying on maintenance work and service calls, which aren’t nearly as profitable as installations. 

That’s where mini-split deep cleaning — and HydroKleen in particular — comes in. 

Mini split cleaning is already a multi-billion dollar industry globally. With mini-split sales exploding in the United States, plus a renewed interest in health, wellness, and indoor air quality, there’s a huge, untapped market right in your service area.

Appointments are fast and easy with large profit margins. You’ll delight your existing clients and add new customers along the way. 

“With five machines, a handful of people, and a smart marketing plan and sales process, I was able to build a million-dollar business deep cleaning ductless mini-splits. This business is a no-brainer.”

Mike Cappuccio

Founder, N.E.T.R. Inc.

Who Needs Mini Split Cleaning?

Thanks to market research and data from our licensees, we know that you can immediately begin marketing to: 

  • Mothers with small children
  • People concerned about toxic mold
  • People with allergies, asthma, and COPD
  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Apartments and Condos
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Medical Offices
  • Daycare Centers

Meanwhile, homeschoolers, parents with students who are doing virtual learning, and the growing work-from-home community are all becoming more aware —- and concerned about — the indoor air quality in their homes. 

Business owners can not afford a smelly or obviously dirty ductless mini-split.

These all add up to an extensive existing and potential client base for a company with the right tools for the job.

Why HydroKleen?

Our equipment and cleaning agents are custom-made to provide better results than manual cleans, routine service, or other processes. Already, licensees in the United States have seen immediate success. Here’s what they have to say:

“I’d been looking a long time for the right piece of equipment to perform a reasonably priced ductless mini-split cleaning. Before I found the HydroKleen system I had to practically uninstall and reinstall the indoor unit to clean it properly. Now with the catchment bag, low-pressure sprayer, and perfectly angled cleaning nozzle, I can return my customer’s mini-splits to factory-clean condition at a fraction of the cost.

Mike Gunderson

Managing Partner, Compass Heating & Air Coniditioning

As a licensee, you get everything you need to succeed.

What You Get From HydroKleen

What Does It Cost To Clean A Heat Pump And Mini Split In Boise Metro?Hydrokleen has developed a highly-systemized process for cleanings, marketing, sales, and customer interaction. Licensees around the world have followed the formula to grow their business quickly. 

And, with more than a decade of ongoing research and development, you’ll always have the most up-to-date tools and knowledge to stay on top.

That includes: 

  • Customized equipment and cleaning agents
  • Customer service plans, including phone scripting
  • Hours of comprehensive, step-by-step video training 
  • Proven marketing and social media promotional strategies
  • Marketing collateral including images, texts, fonts, and videos
  • Exclusivity in your territory

    “As the leading ductless heat pump expert in the Metro Boise area, I knew I needed to be able to provide the absolute best on ductless mini-split maintenance. When I found the HydroKleen system I could see right away that this was also a tremendous opportunity o grow my service business and further establish my brand as Boise’s local leader in the installation and maintenance of ductless mini-split heat pumps.”

    Jose Aguilar

    Owner, Snowflake Air

    Exclusive! Expanded Marketing Services For U.S. Licensees

    In the United States, HydroKleen partners with Comfort Media Group, an industry leader in ductless mini-split sales marketing. As part of your licensing, you’ll receive a complete inbound marketing suite including:

    • Keyword research to target the best online search terms in your territory
    • More than 100 custom-written, SEO-optimized blogs, and landing pages
    • Website Sales funnel creation, installation, and optimization
    • Google My Business setup, posting, and maintenance for better local search results
    • Social media management, posting, and content
    • PPC Google and Facebook advertising
    • Emailing marketing